I just went curling for the first time in my life on Saturday. Who knew that something that looks so boring could actually be fun. Surprisingly it was quite a workout and now my muscles are aching from all that sweeping and sliding. We were on a team with 2 guys that knew what they were doing lucky enough. I was getting kind of worried at the beginning because one was pretty hardcore and it seemed like he really wanted to win the whole thing.

For the first game I didn’t bother with the whole sliding thing and just threw the rock without moving along with it. The second game I tried sliding and after falling on my butt once I got the hang of it and it was a lot more fun but those darn slider things sure are slippery..treacherous even!  Three five end games were a bit much and a bit tiring since we had an hour and a half to wait between each one. I wouldn’t mind playing again but probably not anytime soon. My knee is all purple and swollen from banging it on the ice but I think I should survive.