I was just about to give up on finding a degree related job and go back to looking for comfortable old server or receptionist jobs.

Then I got the call. Now I have a phone interview tomorrow, never done one of those before but I think it might be easier than an in person interview especially since my interview trousers are still sitting in my room (with beer that was spilt on them at a Christmas party) waiting to be taken to the dry cleaners. It just feels so good to finally be doing something. Even if I don’t get the job at least I will have tried and gotten some interview experience in the process. It’s funny how I was so unenthusiastic before but now that I have a chance to make an impression I’m really excited. I am so good how can they not hire me! Trying to build up that confidence. Doing my research now and I’m going to have notes ready. Wish me luck, I am actually really interested in this job.