Good thing I’m finally home don’t think I could face anymore air travel. It’s too bad we couldn’t fly home direct but Zoom doesn’t fly out of Belfast after October so we had to go through Gatwick. Instead of travelling for about 10 hours the trip back was turned into 20 hours, what a hassle. It didn’t help that we went on one of the busiest travel days before Christmas.

Gatwick was insane, I have never seen such a poorly laid out airport in my life. Once we got off the plane we had to line up and get a security barcode thing and have our picture taken, seemed weird but it was because people were leaving at the exact same place we were arriving so they had to differentiate between the two groups. So as we were walking up the narrow hallway people were running towards us to catch their flight. The real fun started after we picked up our luggage and tried to go check in for the Zoom flight. The place was a parking lot of people. There was no room for anyone to move, it was like a zoo. So no one knew where to go or if they were standing in a line or not. We saw where we had to check in but just couldn’t get anywhere near it.  Then finally the people that work there made an effort to sort it out and we got through. Then of course there were the huge line ups going through security, and we picked the unlucky line where everyone had to take their shoes off. At least I didn’t get searched like I did in Belfast on the way to Prague, that was the closest you could come to a strip search with your clothes still on!

Finally we were in the departure lounge where we had to look at the screens to see what gate we had to go to but our flight didn’t come up even when it got close to boarding time. Then we realized it was up on other screens and made it in plenty of time. I dunno why they don’t do it like they do in Vancouver and just tell you what gate to go to right away, maybe it’s just too busy for that.

The flight was pretty uneventful and they showed 5 whole movies. I watched parts of 2 of them, I can never seem to watch a whole movie on a plane.

So anyway, I’m back and I’m not entirely sure I want to be here but I’ll just have to get used to it.