Well the two months are over and I’m about to head back home to Vancouver.  In the beginning it felt like we were going to be here forever and I can’t believe how quickly time has flown.  I’m definitley not good with change. When I come here I miss home but then when it comes time to leave I don’t really want to. Of course there are people I have missed a lot and I can’t wait to see but I know there are just as many here that I will miss when I go. Why can’t everyone just be in the same place??

More than anything I’m dreading going back to reality…and looking for a job. Two months is maybe just a bit too long for a holiday. I’ve had so many fun times here. There was the weekend in Prague, hope to be back there sometime soon. Graemes gig at the Ivy, did we really stay up till 5 in the morning? Pub crawl from the German beer tent to the Giants game, can’t say I remember much about that game but I think we won. Various edgy posing opportunities. Food at the continental market and more German beer. The Giants Causeway, I’m just glad I made it back alive. Bushmills, it takes a long time to get the whiskey to taste that uh hem bad. And finally Susans wedding, those shoes were not made for dancing.

I’m so glad I have gotten to see Lia as a tiny baby, Matthew as he’s just starting to talk and bite me a lot! Why is it just me??

‘To think I might not see those eyes, makes it so hard not to cry, and as we say our long goodbye, I nearly do’

Ok time to stop listening to these sad songs.