Finally got around to checking out “The exhibition of real human bodies”.

It was pretty impressive. We ordered tickets online so a ‘convenience fee’ of $2/ticket was added. When we got there we realized that the pre-purchased tickets didn’t really make much of a difference since everyone had them. The line for pre-purchased was actually longer than the line to buy tickets there. The timed ticketing wasn’t too great either, when we first went in there was a mass of people and we couldn’t really see anything. As we got further in the crowd thinned out.

It was pretty fascinating to see those bodies. The most interesting ones were the guy holding the skin from his whole body in his hand and the gymnast with her hair still attached, but they were all pretty good. Towards the end they all started looking the same. The fetuses and embryos were amazing, seeing something so small having distinct human features. Saw a few people sitting crying at various parts, don’t know why they came…maybe they didn’t know the bodies were real? or maybe they just didn’t expect to have that sort of reaction. I didn’t find it disturbing at all, just treated it like a science experiment. When I started to think of them as human beings it was a little different, especially the newer ones where you think wow some time this year they were walking the earth and now look at them. Takes and interesting person to donate their body to something like this.

Overall I would highly recommend it. It was kind of cheap that they turned off the other machines and games in the rest of science world so you couldn’t really play with them, they should have just included it. Guess that’s what we get for coming in the evening and paying $5 less. I also wonder how informative the audio tour was, might have been worth the extra $5.