So I had endless problems with my graduation application. First of all, I couldn’t access anything online. Couldn’t apply online or check my status online. I ended up sending a paper application like they told me and paid the fee by credit card.

I passed all my exams and was waiting to heard word that I get to graduate. But of course I started getting worried and checked my credits and everything. My transcript said degree withdrawn! I started thinking I didn’t have enough credits or something and was thinking I had to go for another semester.  I was supposed to recieve a letter 2 weeks before convocation but when that didn’t come I got really worried. I called and they’re like oh it says you haven’t paid your fee, which I did, then the girl checked and said oh you have, I don’t know why your application was cancelled. So they messed me around for a while and it became clearer that it was their screw up not mine. I got more and more angry but then suddenly it was all fixed. My degree status changed to complete/awarded.

So now it is actually happnening, after about a month of worrying. I was just about ready to take it further, it’s like they completely overlooked me for some reason, after paying all that money to them. Guess they knew the trouble they could be in and that’s why they fixed it so quickly.

So now I have a Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology…..what next? I feel so lost and unsure of where I’m going to end up. Some people might find that exciting but I am just scared!