David Gray

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Deer Lake Park, Burnaby, B.C.
August 14th 2006 7:40pm

David Gray hits the stage opening with Alibi as I’m in the porta potty marked “women only” Still haven’t figured out why some of them had this sign on the outside. They seemed to have a urinal on the side maybe it wasn’t working properly or something, I didn’t investigate further.
Apparently he came out 30 mins early to start the show which was nice because it was still light out. Very relaxed atmosphere, we just stood at our blanket and no one tried to push into our spot. I think I’m beginning to like these concerts that attract an “older crowd”. I have bad memories of 14 year olds playing with free condoms at Snow Jam and trying to get away from them by going into the beer garden.
My mom and I had to get wristbands that said “drinking age verified” in order to buy beer. She had no ID but luckily enough the guy believed she was over 19..hehe. The Granville Island Lager they served wasn’t the best, not that cold and sort of funky tasting but what can you expect.
So he played every song I wanted to hear. Highlights were Slow Motion, The One I Love, This Years Love (at which point I called J and said listen to this..I know, we’re at that romantic stage) and Say Hello, Wave Goodbye. After about an hour they took a set break I guess you could call it. I thought it was an encore but they came out pretty quickly and then continued to play a whole lot of songs. At the end they took a bow and it was all over. Great show!
“I’d just like to say thank you to the crew and the band” “So, thank you crew, thank you band” What a comedian he is.