The word on the street is that this place makes a good cup of coffee. I was early for work today and I thought I would give them a try instead of my usual Starbucks. What a mistake, it was a terrible 'coffee experience'. My main problem was with the baristas, (baristae?) they made me feel like I was interrupting their conversation and obviously my purchase of a tall cup of coffee wasn't worth their trouble. The thing that really topped it off was that they automatically put my change in their tip jar and continued talking leaving me standing with my wallet open. Then they saw me and said 'oh do you want it?' so I said 'no, it's fine, keep it'. How rude is that? I am not going to tip you for bad service in the first place and sure it was only 9 cents but it was the principle of it. They gave me the dirtiest 'how cheap are you' look. So after all that the coffee wasn't even good, I won't be back. I should have gone to Starbucks!