So it's Tourism Challenge time again and that means a trip to the art gallery for me. I expected it to be quite boring and just went to get the stamp. I was  surprised at how much I actually enjoyed it. I don't find paintings that interesting but the rest was pretty good. That was until I came across this piece of so called art…

Brian Jungen
Isolated Depiction of the Passage of Time, 2001
plastic food trays, television monitor, DVD, wood
Collection of Bob Rennie, Rennie Management Corporation, Vancouver
Photo: Trevor Mills, Vancouver Art Gallery

how hard is it to stack a bunch of coloured trays together and call it art? I once heard someone say that art has fulfilled it's purpose if it gets people talking. I guess in that respect this piece could be called art, I have told many people about it in the past few days and mentioned how anything can be described as art, even if it is just a pile of crap. Maybe I need to hear the artist describe what he was trying to do to get it, or maybe I am just not very cultured and I don't 'get' art.

I also still think those big seats in the art gallery are for people to make out on! Someday I will try doing that and pretend I'm an exhibit.