I beat my 2005 time by almost a minute….even though I had a terrible cough/cold.sunrun.JPG

I still can't believe I even ran it, I had no intentions of beating last years time I was even going to walk most of it but the energy of being there kept me going. 50,746 was the final number of participants, crazy. It was definitley a mistake to start in the purple zone, especially at the back of it. Most people were walking even at the start line, then they didn't move over to the right and we had to weave through them. Next year I think training and starting at the back of the greens is the way to go. It wasn't until about 8km that I realized I had a chance of beating my time but then it was hard to get through everyone that was walking. I think we were the only ones sprinting the last km, I felt like knocking people down just to get to that finish line. That feeling at the end makes it all worth it for sure. You're sprinting and you know you have no energy left but you can still do it, makes you feel super human. Next year I will be under 1hr for sure, unless I get sick again.