Yay, I'm so excited, the DVD audio rip is up on oink. I'm d/ling it now, hope it's good.

It was nice to not have to work at GM Place for a change, left me with time to do much better things.

I think my plant bio final was ok but who knows, last time I thought I did pretty well and ended up with 53% on the midterm. It's bad but it feels like my finals are mostly over already even though I have 3 left. That was the only one I was worried about. Now I have 2 days to study for nutrition then almost a week to study for psych and kin 105. Did I really get 74% on that last min psych paper, I'm in shock, that can't be true.

Need to get back to running, hopefully running tomorrow won't jeapordize my dodgeball skillz for tomorrow night, I've got something to prove…that I'm not a wussie girl that can't throw a ball.