That’s how much I just spent on photographs at But that’s for 65, pretty good deal. Used my dad’s discount, was only about $4 off. Can’t wait to get the pics. It’s just not the same having only digital copies. Got a bunch that I took in Ireland that I had forgotten about and of the Boat Cruise, the Hyatt party, My Birthday as well as some other random drinking ones.

St. Patricks day tomorrow, well today. I was asked if I’d be wearing green, I said no but I might just wear some green undies, maybe I’ll steal my moms “Everyone loves an Irish girl” ones (we got them for her as a joke btw). Looking forward to going out dancing tomorrow night.

“everybodys working for the weekend, everybody wants a new romance, everybodys goin off the deep end”…just thought of that song.

Have to register for classes at 7:30am (for the last time ever 🙂 I better get to sleep!