I must be out of practice, sushi last night and I got one, sushi tonight and I get another sliver. I want to say skelf, since that’s what I usually say but it’s such a weird word when you see it written (typed). It’s not even on dictionary.com, I checked.

My interview at GM went well. It wasn’t much of an interview he just told me about the job so it’s looking good. It was neat to be inside the arena when no one else was around. It’s just so strange that a place that gets so loud can ever be that silent.

Do I want to buy tickets for the Matthew Good solo acoustic tour? Right now I’m thinking not but I hope I don’t regret it like David Gray. As much as I love his music I just see it being way too mellow, it’s also at the Vancouver east cultural centre and I have no idea what that’s like. He’s playing 3 nights starting April 20th. Bet the air quality on the first night will be fabulous.

I had some time to kill downtown today between my interview and going to work. It was kind of nice. Encountered lots of strange people. There was the guy that lay face down on the ground but took off running across the street with his walking stick when the light changed. There was the couple outside the Bay at Granville skytrain who appeared to have had some sort of run in with a giant 7-11 coffee mug. Coffee was splattered everywhere, then there were splatters of blood.. Who knows what the story was there but I didn’t stick around to find out. I headed to Starbucks to use the rest of my gift card on a cappuccino. I always feel kind of gypped when I buy one, it’s like you’re paying for half a cup of air.