So Canada lost to Russia (out of the olympics) and the Belfast Giants lost to the Cardiff Devils (didn’t win the league at home). It was just a losing day all around.

If Bertuzzi hadn’t gotten that dumb penalty, Ovechkin may not have gotten that goal. Then there was that ‘no goal’ goal. Oh well. No matter how many excuses you come up with the end result is still the same. They didn’t really deserve to win anyway. At least the States are out of it too.

The plant bio midterm went ok, I think. I won’t know for sure until I get the mark. Problem is, now I can’t get into studying for bio psych so I’ll just have to cram all day tomorrow.

I agreed to go out on Fri night, even though I should be saving money and all that. I just know I’m going to go crazy with all this studying if I don’t.