The hockey game was fun. Quite boring through the 1st and 2nd, got much more exciting when we moved up to front row for the 3rd. Never been front row before, definitley not as good to see the game but great for checking out the players, um I mean checking out the players talent. Wore the Giants “unlucky for the Giants, lucky for the Canucks” jersey. It was quite comical to see people stare at it then screw up their face or make a comment about it. Went to the Shark Club after , met some interesting people, saw the same people on Granville Street later looking for ‘coke’. Classy. Then we went to Doolins “Irish” Pub (not even close), missed the last skytrain and had to take a cab. Of course with the excessive drinking comes the excessive eating. I had a Big Bite from 7-11 (barf) followed by a  Big Xtra (meal deal). Then I wonder why my jeans are getting tight. It’s gotta stop.