So, I saw ‘the ex’ last night. It all started with an email saying that I miss him as a friend then of course he called me and we ended up going for late night sushi. It went surprisingly well and was only awkward for a bit. It took conscious effort for me not to grab his hand when we were walking though, it felt too easy to fall back into how it was. I felt like we were better friends than we had been in a long time. I hope it can continue like that and not get weird, I think it will be fine as long as we both stay single. He invited me to the Canucks game on Sun night, I agreed. I must remember not to drink too much.
Went to the gym again today, even after my plant bio lab, usually that lab makes me want to leave campus asap. 25 min treadmill and 15 min bike!
Oh, smelly guy, please don’t run on the treadmill that’s under the fan, you make the whole place stink.