Uh-hem, well not exactly. It wasn’t as good as last year, it just felt like everyone was missing. I also didn’t drink anything except a perrier. I also realized that I can’t dance sober, at least not in public. So do I become a better dancer after a drink or do I look just as bad (probably worse) and just not care about it? The best part, no bad drunk pictures on J’s msn space, mission accomplished.

So today started out well. Nothing but positive, happy thoughts (even while listening to David Gray on the bus). I paid attention in class (mostly), went to the gym (bike, 30mins). I even planned to go for a run when I got home but the rain changed my mind. Instead I fixed up my room while listening to the “Gorge 2004” cd. Not a great idea, neither are the “Merritt 2005” and “Driving down to Seattle to see Dave Matthews and friends” cd’s. Brings back too many memories of good times, I only want to remember the bad right now.