I could just not sleep at all last night. Think it was around 4am by the time I drifted off, not very good when my alarm went at 6:40am, ugh.

I have miraculously made it to midnight with only 2 cups of coffee and one cup of timmy ho’s steeped tea.

Bio psych was interesting. He went through action potentials etc and then said well now that I have lost you all…heh, after Bisc 305 it was really nothing. He mentioned the Nernst Equation but then said that we didn’t need to know it. YAY. I have had enough of that to last a lifetime!

So in the great boot search there are 2 candidates, both from Aldo. One has the perfect toe, the other a perfect heel. The perfect heel ones were way more comfortable though, I think I will go with them. It’s just hard to part with the $130!